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At VRCaPS in Jersey City we integrate a variety of psychology techniques and modalities. We are innovative and creative with our approach to mental health because we know not everyone is best served by the same old thing. We use Virtual Reality, mindfulness, DBT, CBT, systems, and of course an overall humanistic/positive psychology mindset when working with patients. Check out the short article below which describes a little bit about a new book by Dr. Scheel on what positive psychology psychotherapy can be like.

“Goal Focused Positive Psychotherapy” by Dr. Scheel from UNL is a new book exploring the benefits of a postiive-psychology based psychotherapy. In a shift from more “classical” or “traditional” psychotherapy models, Scheel’s positive psychology psychotherapy focuses on strengths of a patient rather than “problems” or weaknesses. It is a basic 4 step system that builds off strengths and leads to goal development and hope. Read more about it here: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/unl-professor-releases-positive-psychotherapy-book/article_d2de3f7a-0bb3-11e8-a782-f7752e8a2e02.html

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