Bringing Out Their Full Potential

We know that having Autism or Developmental Disabilities doesn’t mean you can’t experience life to the fullest.  We work with each individual, family member and the home environment to support those on the spectrum to reach that potential as well as prepare everyone for transitioning to each new stage of life from infant to adulthood.

We are trained to work with the entire spectrum of Autism from individuals who are non-verbal to those who are mainstreaming, high functioning or having Aspberger’s at every age whether 1-year-old or 80-years old.

VRCaPS is also excited to introduce Virtual Reality Therapy, which has found to make treatments more effective and motivating.

For parents whose child is newly diagnosed with Autism, we give parent training on what to expect, what to look out for and the resources and education pathways/possibilities
With ABA Therapy and the most effective and up-to-date science-backed strategies, we help the individuals and parents identify which impulsive behaviors to target and to reduce those targeted behaviors
Working with individuals on the spectrum of all ages, we don’t judge or blindly push clients to socialize.  Instead, we teach social skills to overcome obstacles which may impede gratifying relationships and to help increased coping resources when outside their comfort zones, and using their personal goals and interests to motivate them to reach out.
One of the biggest concerns for individuals on the spectrum and their families is the question of living independently.  We assist with assessing at what level of independence each individual can attain comfortably, assist with support and training, and direct them to the resources they need to help support them.
As one of the biggest safety and behavioral management issues, we give parent training, problem-solving, vacation preparation, and stay up-to-date with the latest resources and technology.  By helping to prevent and manage children’s running away behavior as well as electronic safety nets during emergencies, we hope to bring peace of mind and safety
In VRCaPS, we answer any question and train parents in methods which not only are effective, but also fit in with their energy level and time, because a strategy is not effective if you’re too tired to implement it.  Our behavioral training also assists with Transitioning, Sleep Training, Potty Training, and Vacation Planning.
There’s a difference between Tantrums and Meltdowns, and we help families distinguish between them and act accordingly to maintain safety and to reduce frequency and severity, making each new episode more manageable and less distressing for the individual and family.
As each individual matures and begins facing the greater challenges, they may be overwhelmed.  Coupled with emotional regulation difficulties, anger issues may emerge in many cases.  Our anger management techniques assist each individual to find alternative ways to express their feelings
Being on the spectrum does not remove the sexual urges that come with growth, especially in the Age of Internet and Information.  We assist each individual to recognize appropriate boundaries and techniques that promotes respect and safety for self and others.
We also work with conditions which occasionally co-occur such as MS, Bipolar, or Schizophrenia, which may be associated with some individuals on the spectrum.
We are periodically running Parent Training Groups (availability varies due to demand).

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