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Counseling and Therapies

At VRCaPS, our clinical team members have dedicated their careers to helping their patients manage emotional distress, like depression, anxiety, and motivational issues; manage situational issues such as divorce, custody, or grief.

We also have extensive experience in assisting families who are coping with care of a loved elder parent or individuals with special needs.

Autism/ Developmental Disabilities

Extensively trained to work with the individual and caregivers to understand holistically as well as specifically what life and social issues have in store and how to use their unique strengths and behavioral tools to manage impulse issues, distress, goals, and the future possibilities of all ages and levels. More Info

Geropsychology/ Adult Care Placement Consultation

In addition to having extensive expertise with Older Adults, Aging and end-of-of life issues and associated conditions, we are prepared to consult with you on Adult Care and planning of future accommodations to bring comfort and feeling of home no matter where your loved one goes.

Behavioral Therapy

Science-based therapy most effective for management of behavior and learning for those with developmental disability, cognitive impairment or early to mid stage dementia. Ask us how this works best with our subscription based service.

Psychodynamic/ Psychotherapy

A more traditional form of therapy involving a more deeper understanding of who you are. Helping you gain insight into why and how your defenses against the world at large both help and hinder.

Behavioral Activation

Science-based treatment breaking down the best manageable activities to kickstart you out of depression.

Motivational Interviewing

Science based treatment where readiness, personality, and productivity style is explored to break through the uncertainty, identify your desire for change, and help you find the most effective way to reach your determined goals.

Strength Based Therapy

Treatment that focuses more on what’s right about you rather than what’s wrong about you. We help you to utilize those strengths and passions to the highest potential, so you can make positive changes and achieve a more positive worldview.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Gaining popularity, DBT is a science-based therapy that understands your overwhelming situation and helps you find solutions by first helping you understand yourself and your environment without judgment.  Skills of Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Social Skills are delivered.  DBT usually involves participation in both Individual and Group Therapy and where VRCaPS Monthly Subscription Packages would be the most money-saving and recommended.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Science-based therapy which utilizes the interactions between the Big 3: Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior – using one or two in order to change the third.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Science-based therapy which works towards awareness and acceptance of difficult feelings and experiences rather than running away from them. Together, we help you discover your valued direction and commit to moving forward.

Anxiety/ Phobia Reduction

Using science-based tools such as CBT and Exposure therapy, Anxiety and Phobia reduction will help reduce excessive worries and fears. We help you uncover the sources and how to look at situations in new less frightening ways.

Mindfulness (MBCT)

Mindfulness is not meditation. Although Mindfulness uses meditative qualities, it is the science-based process of honing focus of self, feelings, behaviors, and environments. With MBCT we work towards increasing awareness and objectivity, helping to free yourself from negative thought patterns, and learning to view yourself as separate from your negative thoughts and mood.

Solution Focused Therapy (SFBT)

This brief form of goal oriented therapy assists in developing a vision of your future, identifying your strengths, problem solving and developing strategies to get there, and focusing on solutions to issues rather than the reasons behind them.

Interpersonal Therapy

Science based brief therapy which focuses on how relationships and social network interactions impact you and how to resolve the interpersonal issues contributing to your distress.

VRCAPS Mission

There are many different specialized therapies for different emotional needs. Our mission is to provide empathetic counseling and therapies that explore your feelings, and provide solutions to help you embrace healing practices and techniques to manage or modify your thoughts or moods, in ways that promote the embrace and regulation of anger, sadness, frustration, or self-destructive behaviors.

VRCAPS Commitment

Our commitment is to your well-being. VRCaPS new subscription-based Direct Primary Care billing structure is designed to provide you with access to unlimited sessions. By eliminating insurance restrictions and financial concerns, we are able to focus on identifying the causes and explore treatment options to modify, manage or reduce your emotional burdens or mood and behavioral issues.


Subscription provides Instant Access to our Original VRCaPS VRTherapy. These protocols can be used to reinforce and build on in-person counseling whenever you need it.

Service Fees and Pricing

VRCAPS Subscription Care Packages

In keeping to our mission to make Mental Health and Wellness affordable, we are excited to offer several options to meet your needs:


VRCaPS Full Coverage Subscription Package

VRCaPS affordable Full Coverage package allows subscribing clients full access to more frequent individual sessions, Virtual Reality Therapy sessions, Training session (Parent Management or DBT), Family Therapy, and Group Therapy.  With the price range comparable to co-pays, this is our most economical package.


Traditional Pay Per Session

Simple, time-honored, and flexible. You pay for each Individual, Group, or VRTherapy session


Medical Insurance

We currently accept Cigna and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. We will also work with your Out-of-Network mental health benefits.


*Individuals looking to utilize In-Network Insurance will not be eligible for VRCaPS Full Coverage Subscription Package.

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