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Our intention for this blog space is to provide you with informational posts about various topics in the mental health care realm. We will post writings from Dr. Kane Tung, including links to articles written by our peers. We hope you find this section to be a valuable supplement to your mental health care.

Echoism: When you have too little Narcissism

Narcissism, like Anxiety and Anger, has an important role in our functioning, identity, and life.  We know what it can be like when someone has too much of any of them. But what happens when someone has too little Narcissism? It's called Echoism and usually seen in...

Dear Therapist: I’m Hiding Something From My Therapist

Sometimes when we hide issues from our therapists, it could mean we just don’t feel ready to face them. Sometimes it’s just that it’s too big - too overwhelming for us to put into words. The fact is that this is a common occurrence, and there are approaches which...

GI Symptoms May Herald Mental Illness in Traumatized Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your child’s mental state with so many changes growing up, but there are certain medical symptoms that are more associated with mental state than others. Gastro-intestinal symptoms are among the most associated with changes in mental state...

TV’s Most Accurate Depictions of Mental Illness

In the past, movies and TV often portray mental illness inaccurately either due to lack of awareness or for the sake of creating drama in their story, which can create inaccurate negative stigma. Fortunately, more and more shows have become aware and more real in...

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