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by Kane Tung, PhD


The Coronavirus is spreading, a lot of toilet paper is disappearing, shopping lines are growing, and businesses – including mine – are shutting down, but if there is one thing we want to make clear, even as our own staff report feelings of anxiety: You are not sheep running from wolves. What you are doing is for good – not just good.

What do we mean by that?

Reacting out of fear is protecting ourselves out of our own self-interest.


That’s not what’s happening.


Sure we’re a little extra, because we don’t really know what we’re supposed to do. And with the absence of a safety plan or structured leadership, we are being especially sensitive and cautious (hence the toilet paper)– which is, according to science, what you’re supposed to do when the stakes are high.


Experts are reporting that regardless of what we do 70%-80% will be getting the Coronavirus. It’s also reported that approximately that number will suffer no more than what’s a bad flu or cold case.


So if you’re reading this, you’re probably getting the Coronavirus one way or another. And for most of you, you’ll get through it without even losing the weight that happens when you have the flu.


Then why are we shutting everything down? We’re doing it not to prevent Coronavirus – but to slow down the spread to give the ones who need it — the elderly, the unlucky, the ones with preconditions, and our heroic doctors, nurses and other healthcare givers — a fighting chance.


The scariest part of Coronavirus is how easy it is to get it. And all reports show that our Healthcare System is not prepared for the sheer volume. So we are self-quarantining. We are shutting down. And we are doing this to give our healthcare system a chance to make the extra beds and get the extra equipment for those who will need it.


It fills my heart knowing that most people are going crazy to help the community without being rewarded or even realizing that’s what they’re doing it for.


Even in the vague fog of panic and confusion you are working to help others.


The other people packing the beaches and bars at this time – you guys are being really self-centered.

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