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Spring Break is here, and Summer is Coming (GoT joke), and with it comes vacation planning.  Traveling with children on the spectrum is always a Herculean challenge.  On the one hand you recognize what a Super Parent you are for accepting the challenge to expose your child to new places.  On the other hand thepreparation and research involved can be overwhelming and many of the popular places are Autism-friendly-ish rather than truly Autism Friendly.  Fortunately things are changing as Sesame Place and other locations are recognizing the need.

Workingmom.com has found some other truly Autism Friendly resorts and vacation spots where your child and entire family might enjoy.

For their full list, click here:https://www.workingmother.com/best-hotels-and-resorts-for-children-with-autism?src=syn&fbclid=IwAR1ZsvqgOgup9vkh1jBqX11YejjQ9Hq9VKbB8wVonlDa6qjU3aDl3u94Z8o

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