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Studies showed that the success of state services helping individuals with autism hinges on the age where they begin transitioning to independence. Pennsylvania was found to have 90% of eligible individuals getting training, while NJ only had 50%. At least 70 percent of youth with autism had jobs following services in Alabama, Nebraska, Washington and South Dakota. Washington DC not so successful win 29%

For full story and links to the list and research, click here: https://whyy.org/articles/when-it-comes-to-job-training-for-youth-with-autism-where-they-live-matters/?utm_source=dlvr&fbclid=IwAR0cnRjTkpd6-Qq9WR2sPaiR7FyJH8F0ccAvVPG0UfEsLw92QMfTIHDwCyA

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